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Birthday At The Melting Pot

12 Aug

I  had my party at  The Melting Pot. I  had an exiting party. It was great. I had a lot of  fun. A lot of people came to the party. I  had a great time with my party. I loved tasting all the different chocolates. I loved Yin&Yang, cookies and cream marshmallow dream. I was happy to see all my friends at My birthday. I am positive my friends had some fun.

I will come back…


Editor’s note: The Melting Pot hosted Mini-Me’s party because they are launching a package for 15-year old (quinceanos?) & sweet 16 parties… Thanks to the Gaslamp location for their gracious hospitality!


@ The Melting Pot

21 Jul

My mom got invited to The Melting pot tweetup. I want to go with her. It was a fondue¬†restaurant. I wanted to try the fondues Yin & Yang, Cookies ‘n Cream ¬†marshmallow dream and Chocolate S’mores. Mom wants to try the Disaronno (R) ¬†Meltdown fondue. I liked it a lot , it was my first time trying fondues. THANK ¬†YOU!! I LOOOVE YOU MOMMY!!

We will come back…


Editor’s note: I’ll post the pictures soon ūüėČ