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Birthday At The Melting Pot

12 Aug

I  had my party at  The Melting Pot. I  had an exiting party. It was great. I had a lot of  fun. A lot of people came to the party. I  had a great time with my party. I loved tasting all the different chocolates. I loved Yin&Yang, cookies and cream marshmallow dream. I was happy to see all my friends at My birthday. I am positive my friends had some fun.

I will come back…


Editor’s note: The Melting Pot hosted Mini-Me’s party because they are launching a package for 15-year old (quinceanos?) & sweet 16 parties… Thanks to the Gaslamp location for their gracious hospitality!


My Birthday Is Coming Soon

27 Jul
My birthday is on the 6th. I made a birthday wish list, that  you can see below. I am turning 12. I am going to be a Tween. I want a happy birthday. I know four other people who have birth days in August.  I am exited for my birthday to come. I love my birthday.
To be continue…
Mini-Me’s Wish list:
1. Gift cards for example, Tilly’s, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target and Claire’s
2. iPod Nano blue or green
3. movies like Percy Jacksen and the Lightning Theif
4. DS games
7. scrapbook
8. lunch box
9. fairy stuff
10. socks
11. scrapbooks stuff
12. clothes
13. shoes
14. earrings
15. for real  friends dog
16. embroidery  floss Рto make friendship bracelets
17. Barbie movies
18. glass dolls – collectible dolls
19. dress up
20. DSi
Editor’s Note: Mini-Me’s birthday is always a challenge for her – we don’t get to have a very big “friend” party because of the summer break, so she is very excited to share her birthday with her readers. We also thought sharing her wish list this way would be easy for the rest of the family too.

@ The Melting Pot

21 Jul

My mom got invited to The Melting pot tweetup. I want to go with her. It was a fondue¬†restaurant. I wanted to try the fondues Yin & Yang, Cookies ‘n Cream ¬†marshmallow dream and Chocolate S’mores. Mom wants to try the Disaronno (R) ¬†Meltdown fondue. I liked it a lot , it was my first time trying fondues. THANK ¬†YOU!! I LOOOVE YOU MOMMY!!

We will come back…


Editor’s note: I’ll post the pictures soon ūüėČ

My Favorite Movies!!

12 Jul

These are all of my favorite  movies: the Harry  Potter Series, Anastasia, Alvin and the chipmunks, the Aristocats,  Dinotopia, the Twilight saga, the Last Airbender, Glee, the Tuxedo, the Princess and the Frog, Toy Story 3, Lion King 2 and Percy Jackson the Lighting Thief. I want to see Eclipse and Letters to Juliet. I love watching movies!!

The ramblings will return…


Earwax Build Up!!!

8 Jul

I ¬†have an earwax block. I have had an ear infection. I hate my ear pounding inside. I hate that I can’t hear out of my ear. ¬† ¬†My Mom put peroxide and olive oil in my ear it goes under the wax and brings it up. It takes time to work. It works on me.

To return….


Editor’s Note: uhm… yeah… not sure why this became a blog topic, but it’s out there. Yes we have ear-wax issues. Oy – Mommi-Me