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Panda Birthday @SanDiegoZoo

17 Aug

I went to the Zoo. I went to see the birthday boy Zhen Zhen. It was my almost birthday when we went. We wished Zhen Zhen a Happy Birthday and I told Zhen Zhen it was my birthday too. The Zoo gave me a stuffed panda cub. He is so funny when  he pulled off his 3. I’m in Zhen Zhen’s Birthday video I am wearing  the black shirt.

I will get back…


Editor’s Note: Mini-Me has an annual membership to the San Diego Zoo. We frequently get invites to events that we can share with you. We are not compensated for any of her posts other than the chance to visit the park and participate in these unique events. In the video, she is at the table signing birthday messages to put in the bamboo windchime…


Birthday At The Melting Pot

12 Aug

I  had my party at  The Melting Pot. I  had an exiting party. It was great. I had a lot of  fun. A lot of people came to the party. I  had a great time with my party. I loved tasting all the different chocolates. I loved Yin&Yang, cookies and cream marshmallow dream. I was happy to see all my friends at My birthday. I am positive my friends had some fun.

I will come back…


Editor’s note: The Melting Pot hosted Mini-Me’s party because they are launching a package for 15-year old (quinceanos?) & sweet 16 parties… Thanks to the Gaslamp location for their gracious hospitality!

@ The Melting Pot

21 Jul

My mom got invited to The Melting pot tweetup. I want to go with her. It was a fondue restaurant. I wanted to try the fondues Yin & Yang, Cookies ‘n Cream  marshmallow dream and Chocolate S’mores. Mom wants to try the Disaronno (R)  Meltdown fondue. I liked it a lot , it was my first time trying fondues. THANK  YOU!! I LOOOVE YOU MOMMY!!

We will come back…


Editor’s note: I’ll post the pictures soon 😉

Watching Alice in Wonderland

13 Jul

Have you heard of Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp? I watched it yesterday. I have wanted  to see it for a long time.  My favorite character is the Mad Hatter. I have 2 favorite. One is when Alice kills the Jabberwocky. The other one is when the dance Mad Hatter did. I do not know how to spell it.

To resume….


Going To The Fair!!!!!

5 Jul

The Fair was quiet in the morning ,but then it  got more busy  after 12:00 p.m. I was there from 9:00 untill  4:30. I have a new pair of pearl earrings from the oyster booth. I  found my zodiac fairy. I have a bookmark with her on it. I have a fairy called Violet Melody. I got a mood ring too. I have a new belt. I went in all the fun houses.  I went on the gravitron. I love the fair. I love fun rides. I love mom. Thanks Brian for taking us.

The ramblings will return….

Ewe Bah!


Fun-house Mini-Me

I don't need no stinkin gravity

Going To The Drive-in!!!!

5 Jul

We are going to the Drive-in. We might going to see The Last Airbender and Toy Story3. I am exited to see these movies. I love going to the Drive-in. I have a beanbag for trips like this. I will be at the fair on Monday. I have money to spend on cool things for B-days going to happen. I’m  going soon better finish up. I will have fun.

I will return…


Elephant Odyssey Pool Party!!

1 Jul

Gone Fishing (San Diego Zoo)

Applying Elephant Sunscreen (San Diego Zoo)

Elephants playing with their "beach ball"

Jaguar doing the 100m free against a ball... ball lost

The Elephants where playing with their new toys. My favoriet part was the jaguar. He was the funniest animal I have seen.   One of the Elephants was throwing dirt on his back for sun protection. The silly cat  was bobbing for fish. he also was playing with a ball.

The ramblings will return….


(Editor’s note: Mini-me took the pictures herself. She also introduced herself to the SD Zoo PR staff as “a blogger” and requested her business card. Look out – she’s gonna tear it up! I left in the minor typos as a learning tool – yes I know it’s there.)