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My Dog Bed – from OpenSky & Molly Mutt

10 Aug

I  am opening an OpenSky  shop. My first item is a dog bed. It is a Mr. Roboto design. My dog called Raven and she loves the bed. We are going to use old beds or old cloths. I  think it is great. You get  to  use all the old stuff you still like. I think it is great and so does Raven.

We will return…



My Dog ;>

14 Jul

walking with Raven

I didn't do it - she did...

I have a black Lab/Border collie. It is a girl. Her name is now Raven.  It was sugar. We got her from the Lab Rescuers. She had a sister called spice. Raven is an attention hog. We love her and she loves us. Rave hated cars at first. She would drool on the backseat. My dog thinks she is a cat and she is still a puppy. She is only 3 years in human years, but 21 in dog years.

To be continued…