My Birthday Party At The Melting Pot

6 Aug

I am exited to have a free birthday at The Melting Pot. I have ten friends might come.  I am inviting Haley, Emma, Amanda, Nicole, James, Emily, Alexandra, Dylan.I hope every one comes.

We will return…


Editor’s Note: the Melting Pot is giving Mini-Me this party after she attended a tweetup they host & she wrote about (unpaid). We are excited to be working with them on this party & making it a fun experience for tweens/teens too!


My Birthday Is Coming Soon

27 Jul
My birthday is on the 6th. I made a birthday wish list, that  you can see below. I am turning 12. I am going to be a Tween. I want a happy birthday. I know four other people who have birth days in August.  I am exited for my birthday to come. I love my birthday.
To be continue…
Mini-Me’s Wish list:
1. Gift cards for example, Tilly’s, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target and Claire’s
2. iPod Nano blue or green
3. movies like Percy Jacksen and the Lightning Theif
4. DS games
7. scrapbook
8. lunch box
9. fairy stuff
10. socks
11. scrapbooks stuff
12. clothes
13. shoes
14. earrings
15. for real  friends dog
16. embroidery  floss – to make friendship bracelets
17. Barbie movies
18. glass dolls – collectible dolls
19. dress up
20. DSi
Editor’s Note: Mini-Me’s birthday is always a challenge for her – we don’t get to have a very big “friend” party because of the summer break, so she is very excited to share her birthday with her readers. We also thought sharing her wish list this way would be easy for the rest of the family too.

@ The Melting Pot

21 Jul

My mom got invited to The Melting pot tweetup. I want to go with her. It was a fondue restaurant. I wanted to try the fondues Yin & Yang, Cookies ‘n Cream  marshmallow dream and Chocolate S’mores. Mom wants to try the Disaronno (R)  Meltdown fondue. I liked it a lot , it was my first time trying fondues. THANK  YOU!! I LOOOVE YOU MOMMY!!

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Editor’s note: I’ll post the pictures soon 😉

I Believe In Fairies -Do You?

16 Jul

I believe in fairies! You may not, but I do – so don’t say it out loud or a fairy will die. I know an artist called Ruth Thompson that draws fairies and dragons. She has 4 fairy figures. I see her at Comic-Con. I have a dragon drawing from Ruth. My mom was working with Ruth that is how we met.

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My Dog ;>

14 Jul

walking with Raven

I didn't do it - she did...

I have a black Lab/Border collie. It is a girl. Her name is now Raven.  It was sugar. We got her from the Lab Rescuers. She had a sister called spice. Raven is an attention hog. We love her and she loves us. Rave hated cars at first. She would drool on the backseat. My dog thinks she is a cat and she is still a puppy. She is only 3 years in human years, but 21 in dog years.

To be continued…


I’m an OpenSky Blogger/Seller – guess what that means?

13 Jul

I can’t what to get  my  OpenSky shop started. I am starting really soon. I talk to them this morning. I am exited to sell jewelry, crafts, toys, games, shoes and clothes. I’m raising money for 6th grade camp and other activities.

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Editor’s Note: For those that do not know what OpenSky is let me share a bit with you. OpenSky is a new platform for influencers to sell the products they like from companies they trust. Mini-me will choose products she thinks are things she’ll like and enjoy, tell you about them from her perspective and you will be able to buy them from her on this blog without leaving it – pretty cool! She will share in the profits – so if you have a tween in your life, you can see how Mini-Me likes it & purchase it for your tween. We thought this would be a great way to share products and raise money for the school activities she wants to do – 6th grade camp & Washington DC trip. Please help her meet her goals and THANK YOU OpenSky Project! We’ll share more with you soon… Click on that badge to the right in the mean time to check out what OpenSky is offering readers —>

– – Mommi-Me

Watching Alice in Wonderland

13 Jul

Have you heard of Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp? I watched it yesterday. I have wanted  to see it for a long time.  My favorite character is the Mad Hatter. I have 2 favorite. One is when Alice kills the Jabberwocky. The other one is when the dance Mad Hatter did. I do not know how to spell it.

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