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My Dog Bed – from OpenSky & Molly Mutt

10 Aug

I  am opening an OpenSky  shop. My first item is a dog bed. It is a Mr. Roboto design. My dog called Raven and she loves the bed. We are going to use old beds or old cloths. I  think it is great. You get  to  use all the old stuff you still like. I think it is great and so does Raven.

We will return…



Editor’s Post: OpenSky and Lil Miss Mini Me

10 Aug

Hi readers… it’s Mommi-Me.

I’m writing this post because while I think that it is important for Mini-Me to do her own writing, this is something that we want to share with you.

When we were given the chance to partner Mini-Me’s writing assignment with the amazing people of OpenSky Project, it seemed like a “uh-duh” moment. Mini-Me has been looking for a way to make some extra money so she can pay for some special activities – that’s why she started walking the neighborhood dogs. OpenSky is giving us the chance to do that with products that make sense for her.

The first product Mini-Me has chosen to sell is the Molly Mutt Dog Duvet. We got it about a week ago and Raven has been so thrilled with it (she quite literally rolls and rolls on it). It is a fantastic, green way to make a comfy space for your pooch. The duvet we got (Mr Roboto – Huge) is  a generous size for our labby. You can put an old bed into it OR take your old sheets, towels and clothes to stuff into it. Because we just went through a big purge of not only Mini-Me’s too-small clothes, but also household linens, this is great – we will be stuffing all those things into the duvet!

The other fabulous thing about Mr. Roboto duvet is how durable it is – Raven has on a number of occasions dissected a pooch bed when she spies a loose thread. My hope is that this bad-boy will withstand her, our move and the ensuing puppy fun. Mini-me has had fun taking the pictures, stuffing an old bed into it and is looking forward to getting it totally “fluffy” for the pooch.

If you want to buy the doggy duvet, you can buy it directly from Mini-Me! And as a special Founder’s Club Opening Week (between now and August 16th), if you use the promo code EXCITE25 – you will get 25 percent off a product of your choice when you make your purchase!

We are excited to share the products with you – trusting us to share products that we love and would want you to have in your lives. That is at the core of what OpenSky wants for each of it’s buyers and sellers – relationship based consumerism, buying from a trusted source. I wouldn’t allow Mini-Me to share a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We would love to hear your thoughts and if you love your doggy duvet too…


I’m an OpenSky Blogger/Seller – guess what that means?

13 Jul

I can’t what to get  my  OpenSky shop started. I am starting really soon. I talk to them this morning. I am exited to sell jewelry, crafts, toys, games, shoes and clothes. I’m raising money for 6th grade camp and other activities.

Ramblings will return..


Editor’s Note: For those that do not know what OpenSky is let me share a bit with you. OpenSky is a new platform for influencers to sell the products they like from companies they trust. Mini-me will choose products she thinks are things she’ll like and enjoy, tell you about them from her perspective and you will be able to buy them from her on this blog without leaving it – pretty cool! She will share in the profits – so if you have a tween in your life, you can see how Mini-Me likes it & purchase it for your tween. We thought this would be a great way to share products and raise money for the school activities she wants to do – 6th grade camp & Washington DC trip. Please help her meet her goals and THANK YOU OpenSky Project! We’ll share more with you soon… Click on that badge to the right in the mean time to check out what OpenSky is offering readers —>

– – Mommi-Me