About Lil Miss Mini Me

Lil Miss Mini-Me is now a 6th grader – and this blog started as her summer writing assignment between 5th and 6th grades. Her teachers will be checking in to see how she’s doing as the summer progresses – so can you. After that, we’ll see where it goes. She seems to like it, but our current challenge is keeping it up while trying to keep on top of her school work and activities

She’s your typical tween girl – not sure what she wants and as fickle as the weather. Today she’s a tom-boy, tomorrow it’s girly-girl. She’s growing and changing, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. She’s ADHD and dyslexic (if I could get someone to confirm the reading disorder it would help immensely) – so the posts may be random and stream of consciousness. Typos and grammar issues will be par for the course – but we’re hoping they are few and far between as time progresses. And if it sounds likes it’s being written by a middle school kid – well duh…

Mom-Me (where Lil Miss got her mini from) is in charge of her blog – she is the editor-in-chief, task-master and cheerleader all wrapped into one. If you have any questions or concerns you can email her to talk about it. Mom-Me runs a PR agency, so Lil Miss Mini Me will have her help if you want to send her opportunities – reviews and such. (PR policies coming soon)


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