Sprinkles… a commodity!

12 Jan

Editor’s note: this is a Mom-Me post because Mini-Me couldn’t attend (adults only- and I’m perfectly ok with it 😉 )

Ever since Mini-Me was an even mini-er me, sprinkles have been a hot commodity in our house. It was an easy way to “pretty-up” the things I wanted her to eat (don’t judge – she’s beyond a picky eater). We’ve had the sugar variety, the stars & flowers, holiday themed and more. It got to a point where family & friends began buying them in bulk because of her. She will seek them out in the grocery stores – oogling and drooling like a Pavlovian dog.

So the mere mention of sprinkles within ear-shot of her elicits squeals of delight; couple sprinkles with moist, decadent cupcakes – you can imagine (she IS a 12-year old girl). So my excursion to the brand new Sprinkles in La Jolla with the SD Momfia HAD to be a hush-hush one.

As we stood outside waiting for the moment when they would open the doors for us, it was a surreal mix of the old Mervyn’s commercial (“open, open, OPEN!”) and the scene outside the gates of the Wonka Factory. Mention cupcakes & champagne to this group and it’s ON!

We were greeted graciously by “cupcake concierges” with trays of champagne & escorted into the kitchen for a private meeting with Candace Nelson – yes *that* Candace… of Cupcake Wars – to talk about the love that makes Sprinkles the best (and first) cupcakery. You know what happens when you get 14 moms in a kitchen with cupcakes and booze? A WHOLE LOT of FUN!

Candace showed us the signature Sprinkles frosting technique and challenged us to frost our own (red velvet – FTW!)… and we all jumped in to try our hand. (After – when Candace saw my cupcake – she said “Wow –  who did that? Was that one of you or one of my frosting pros? …aww shucks *blushes*)

Then things shifted to the different flavors and how they test them out – hint, hint: pays to “like” & “follow“. As the evening wound down, we were offered a 6-pack of our choosing to take home (phew! Thanks Candace & Charles… I wouldn’t have EVER lived it down with Mini-Me if she had found out and I didn’t have some for her) and a little Sprinkles box of love.

Mini-me was placated with the chance to have a half of each of the flavors I brought home. So far, she like them all – and now wants to have her birthday in the Sprinkles Kitchen…

As a PR/marketing professional I want to say: kudos for creating a fantastic experience! I had not had a chance to get to the Sprinkles Mecca in Beverly Hills and didn’t know what I was missing.  I’m glad I don’t have to now (not that I wouldn’t). Congratulations to the Sprinkles team and J Public Relations!

(Pictures coming!)


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