I’m an OpenSky Blogger/Seller – guess what that means?

13 Jul

I can’t what to get  my  OpenSky shop started. I am starting really soon. I talk to them this morning. I am exited to sell jewelry, crafts, toys, games, shoes and clothes. I’m raising money for 6th grade camp and other activities.

Ramblings will return..


Editor’s Note: For those that do not know what OpenSky is let me share a bit with you. OpenSky is a new platform for influencers to sell the products they like from companies they trust. Mini-me will choose products she thinks are things she’ll like and enjoy, tell you about them from her perspective and you will be able to buy them from her on this blog without leaving it – pretty cool! She will share in the profits – so if you have a tween in your life, you can see how Mini-Me likes it & purchase it for your tween. We thought this would be a great way to share products and raise money for the school activities she wants to do – 6th grade camp & Washington DC trip. Please help her meet her goals and THANK YOU OpenSky Project! We’ll share more with you soon… Click on that badge to the right in the mean time to check out what OpenSky is offering readers —>

– – Mommi-Me


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