A message from the not-Lil-Miss-Mini-Me (AKA MOM & editor)

29 Jun

I was talking with mini-me’s teacher at the end of the school year trying to find a way to encourage her to do some writing (& reading) over the summer. Some how a blog was mentioned. Well since I own a PR agency that assists bloggers as well as handles blogger relations, it wasn’t a bad idea. So here we are – Lil Miss Mini-Me…

Some rules:

  1. I will always review the information before it’s posted for content – this includes comments – but the information will be coming from Lil Miss Mini-Me (including typos and grammatical errors – this is a learning process)
  2. This is an assignment – let’s call it “real-world writing 101”. So take it easy – she’s just a 6th grader…
  3. Sometimes it will have some inane tween commentary – like Taylor Lautner or the obsession of the week – if you can’t handle the insanity, don’t check into the asylum.
  4. I’m challenging her to pull from her own experiences – she is ADHD & dyslexic so there will be some personal tribulations and triumphs from chronicling her summer.
  5. I WILL NOT CONDONE – lemme say that again – WILL NOT CONDONE any negativity or perverse behavior – in fact I will be all momma bear on you if you do it… and that includes reporting it to the appropriate agencies – you’ve been warned.
  6. She won’t be sharing any personal information – so if you are worried about it, trust me – I’ve got it covered.

So we hope you enjoy this lil writing experiment that we are embarking on… we’re gonna try to have fun with it!



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