“Step on a crack” isn’t the only way…

18 Jan

We all make the off-hand comments about things that weigh us down – typically the comment has some connotation about being back-breaking. Whether it’s “you’re gonna break my back” when the kids want us to pick them up or the kids’ mantra “step on a crack, break your momma’s back”. The saying “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” starts to resonate. Fun and games aside, Rady’s Children’s Hospital has an amazing trauma team.

Well after our recent experience, I’m not sure I’ll be using any of those little diddies… because in reality, a broken back is no laughing matter. Mini-me doesn’t write much about Bubba, but she is the lil sis. Bubba is three years older and complete polar opposite of Mini-me. He’s a brainiac, chatter-box – sometimes to the point of being more of a drama king than girls his age.

Bubba is active in Boy Scouts – he’s an assistant patrol leader and enjoys planning and participating in the events the troop puts together. This makes me happy, because if it weren’t for BSA – I think Bubba would never go outside. And every year, the boys plan and execute a canoe trip on the Colorado River. This is the highlight of Bubba’s year. But there is quite a bit of pre-river planning and preparation. The boys must plan a menu, recondition the aging canoes, pack their things and load up the trailer with the gear.

The week before the trip is frenetic with activities – and this is where the story begins. Every year, the boys have to recondition the canoes – they have to patch any leaks, repair any damage to the braces and seats and make sure that the canoe is water-worthy. Usually this is done at one leader’s home – where they spend an afternoon fixing up the boats. This year it fell on a Wednesday. Gramps took Bubba and “managed” the work (Gramps can’t help too terribly much but enjoys the camaraderie of the boys).

When the patching and repairs were completed, the canoes were loaded on to the trailer. Bubba – being who he is – decided to climb up on the trailer and assist in the securing. As he climbed up the back side of the trailer to get to the canoe toward the top of the rack, another boy mounted the opposite side. I want you to imagine all of those silly cartoons where the antagonist jumps on the teeter-totter and launches the protagonist in the air – well that’s what I imagine happened to Bubba based on the stories I’ve heard.

He went sailing. Add a comically-placed rope that got wrapped around Bubba’s foot and it’s got ACME written all over it – but this is no laughing matter. If it hadn’t been for that rope, I’m not sure what would’ve happen to him. He hit his neck on the bumper of the trailer and the crown of his head on the ground. I’m told that a few of the adults administered first aid, but since I wasn’t there I don’t have a good idea of everything that happened. He didn’t lose consciousness but he was a little dazed.

I’m fairly certain that he had a concussion, since he was staying at Gramps and Gma’s – we aren’t certain. Bubba complained to the school nurse and Aunty A of a headache all day Thursday. Aunty A decide to take him to the chiropractor to see if she could relieve some of the discomfort. She took some xrays and diagnosed him with fractures at C4,5,6. At this point, I finally got a call. I called the doctor and we were told to head directly to Rady’s ER.

We walked into the ER and checked in with the triage nurse. When she asked why were there, I explained the story and she looked at me dumbfounded. “Are you telling me that your son has a broken back?” The trauma team was immediately activated. A whirlwind of people and activity whooshed around us as we were wheeled into the trauma unit. Within minutes, Bubba’s head was immobilized, initial xrays were taken and an exam was done. We had four nurses, a trauma surgeon, a trio of EMTs, a social worker and some others all working to see what was the true injury.

After 20 minutes, we were told that the xrays were inconclusive and we were off to Imaging for a CT scan. When we got back to the trauma unit, an orthopedic surgeon came in to see Bubba. He went through another physical exam and the trauma surgeon joined him. The C-collar was removed and the injury was explained. Bubba had a compression fracture at T8 – thoracic vertebra 8. The potential injury was life-changing. Paraplegia, nerve damage, loss of ability to go to the bathroom to name a few. We were very lucky – Bubba literally walked away from it.

Bubba is struggling now with what the injury means – he is a high school boy with all the high school drama. He can’t carry his backpack – we’ve bought a rolling one. He can’t rough-house, run or play – something he and mini-me were scolded for doing over the long weekend. He doesn’t want to wear the soft neck brace that the orthopedist recommended – because it looks lame. Each time a complaint is uttered over a trivial thing, I thank the powers above that he wasn’t hurt more seriously. I’m glad we took him in because I don’t think I could forgive anyone if he had gone on the river trip and gotten hurt more seriously.

I offer this word of advice – when in doubt, get it checked out. Headaches, sluggishness and disorientation are not symptoms to be taken lightly. A “nasty fall” might be hiding something more.

Sprinkles… a commodity!

12 Jan

Editor’s note: this is a Mom-Me post because Mini-Me couldn’t attend (adults only- and I’m perfectly ok with it 😉 )

Ever since Mini-Me was an even mini-er me, sprinkles have been a hot commodity in our house. It was an easy way to “pretty-up” the things I wanted her to eat (don’t judge – she’s beyond a picky eater). We’ve had the sugar variety, the stars & flowers, holiday themed and more. It got to a point where family & friends began buying them in bulk because of her. She will seek them out in the grocery stores – oogling and drooling like a Pavlovian dog.

So the mere mention of sprinkles within ear-shot of her elicits squeals of delight; couple sprinkles with moist, decadent cupcakes – you can imagine (she IS a 12-year old girl). So my excursion to the brand new Sprinkles in La Jolla with the SD Momfia HAD to be a hush-hush one.

As we stood outside waiting for the moment when they would open the doors for us, it was a surreal mix of the old Mervyn’s commercial (“open, open, OPEN!”) and the scene outside the gates of the Wonka Factory. Mention cupcakes & champagne to this group and it’s ON!

We were greeted graciously by “cupcake concierges” with trays of champagne & escorted into the kitchen for a private meeting with Candace Nelson – yes *that* Candace… of Cupcake Wars – to talk about the love that makes Sprinkles the best (and first) cupcakery. You know what happens when you get 14 moms in a kitchen with cupcakes and booze? A WHOLE LOT of FUN!

Candace showed us the signature Sprinkles frosting technique and challenged us to frost our own (red velvet – FTW!)… and we all jumped in to try our hand. (After – when Candace saw my cupcake – she said “Wow –  who did that? Was that one of you or one of my frosting pros? …aww shucks *blushes*)

Then things shifted to the different flavors and how they test them out – hint, hint: pays to “like” & “follow“. As the evening wound down, we were offered a 6-pack of our choosing to take home (phew! Thanks Candace & Charles… I wouldn’t have EVER lived it down with Mini-Me if she had found out and I didn’t have some for her) and a little Sprinkles box of love.

Mini-me was placated with the chance to have a half of each of the flavors I brought home. So far, she like them all – and now wants to have her birthday in the Sprinkles Kitchen…

As a PR/marketing professional I want to say: kudos for creating a fantastic experience! I had not had a chance to get to the Sprinkles Mecca in Beverly Hills and didn’t know what I was missing.  I’m glad I don’t have to now (not that I wouldn’t). Congratulations to the Sprinkles team and J Public Relations!

(Pictures coming!)

My Trip To The @SonyElectronics Store with @Sukhjit

31 Aug

I’m excited to get my new camera and maybe a laptop. I’m looking at the Sony DSC-W350 in blue, black or silver. I would rather have the blue one. I can’t  wait to get my new camera. I am going to use it for my blog and I do not have to use my mom’s big camera. I thank Sukhjit for showing me aruond the store. I hope get my camera soon. I’m saving my money.

I will return…


Editor’s Note: Sukhjit was very gracious in showing Mini-Me around the Sony Style store – it  was a very busy night! Mini-Me is excited to be looking at the choices available and planning for a laptop… she has already started looking at the features she wants in it!

Panda Birthday @SanDiegoZoo

17 Aug

I went to the Zoo. I went to see the birthday boy Zhen Zhen. It was my almost birthday when we went. We wished Zhen Zhen a Happy Birthday and I told Zhen Zhen it was my birthday too. The Zoo gave me a stuffed panda cub. He is so funny when  he pulled off his 3. I’m in Zhen Zhen’s Birthday video I am wearing  the black shirt.

I will get back…


Editor’s Note: Mini-Me has an annual membership to the San Diego Zoo. We frequently get invites to events that we can share with you. We are not compensated for any of her posts other than the chance to visit the park and participate in these unique events. In the video, she is at the table signing birthday messages to put in the bamboo windchime…

Birthday At The Melting Pot

12 Aug

I  had my party at  The Melting Pot. I  had an exiting party. It was great. I had a lot of  fun. A lot of people came to the party. I  had a great time with my party. I loved tasting all the different chocolates. I loved Yin&Yang, cookies and cream marshmallow dream. I was happy to see all my friends at My birthday. I am positive my friends had some fun.

I will come back…


Editor’s note: The Melting Pot hosted Mini-Me’s party because they are launching a package for 15-year old (quinceanos?) & sweet 16 parties… Thanks to the Gaslamp location for their gracious hospitality!

My Dog Bed – from OpenSky & Molly Mutt

10 Aug

I  am opening an OpenSky  shop. My first item is a dog bed. It is a Mr. Roboto design. My dog called Raven and she loves the bed. We are going to use old beds or old cloths. I  think it is great. You get  to  use all the old stuff you still like. I think it is great and so does Raven.

We will return…


Editor’s Post: OpenSky and Lil Miss Mini Me

10 Aug

Hi readers… it’s Mommi-Me.

I’m writing this post because while I think that it is important for Mini-Me to do her own writing, this is something that we want to share with you.

When we were given the chance to partner Mini-Me’s writing assignment with the amazing people of OpenSky Project, it seemed like a “uh-duh” moment. Mini-Me has been looking for a way to make some extra money so she can pay for some special activities – that’s why she started walking the neighborhood dogs. OpenSky is giving us the chance to do that with products that make sense for her.

The first product Mini-Me has chosen to sell is the Molly Mutt Dog Duvet. We got it about a week ago and Raven has been so thrilled with it (she quite literally rolls and rolls on it). It is a fantastic, green way to make a comfy space for your pooch. The duvet we got (Mr Roboto – Huge) is  a generous size for our labby. You can put an old bed into it OR take your old sheets, towels and clothes to stuff into it. Because we just went through a big purge of not only Mini-Me’s too-small clothes, but also household linens, this is great – we will be stuffing all those things into the duvet!

The other fabulous thing about Mr. Roboto duvet is how durable it is – Raven has on a number of occasions dissected a pooch bed when she spies a loose thread. My hope is that this bad-boy will withstand her, our move and the ensuing puppy fun. Mini-me has had fun taking the pictures, stuffing an old bed into it and is looking forward to getting it totally “fluffy” for the pooch.

If you want to buy the doggy duvet, you can buy it directly from Mini-Me! And as a special Founder’s Club Opening Week (between now and August 16th), if you use the promo code EXCITE25 – you will get 25 percent off a product of your choice when you make your purchase!

We are excited to share the products with you – trusting us to share products that we love and would want you to have in your lives. That is at the core of what OpenSky wants for each of it’s buyers and sellers – relationship based consumerism, buying from a trusted source. I wouldn’t allow Mini-Me to share a product that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We would love to hear your thoughts and if you love your doggy duvet too…